Own the moment without having to own your ride

We’re a society founded off the beaten path.

  • The words we live by are written in mud, water, snow, dust and asphalt. Not stone.
  • The undiscovered is our leader. The trail is our sacred text.
  • We create chemistry with the great outdoors.
  • Our notifications are sunrise and sunset.
  • Out here, we don’t look for coverage. We wear it.
  • A cellphone is a cell with bars that keeps you locked up.
  • An engine at the redline is our out of office reply.
  • We measure distance in adrenaline.
  • Wanderlust is your membership card.
  • We believe powersports aren’t for the few. They’re for everyone.
  • We are The Uncharted Society.

Your adventure on top of the line BRP vehicles awaits

From a curated week long trip to half-day adrenaline fueled experiences, our adventures take you deeper into mountain ranges, along legendary waterways, over desert sand dunes, further into canyons and through playgrounds made of mud.

Guided by professionals in a worry-free, safe environment, we make sure every detail is considered. All you need is your gear and an appetite for adventure.

Please send us an email if you have any questions regarding our experiences.

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